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Kevlar Jeans & Trousers - Motorbike gear - Biker Jeans - Evoqe

EVOQE Motorcycle Clothing - Lifestyle Wear

EVOQE is a new brand in Motorcycle fashion clothing which offers denim jeans lined with original Dupont TM KEVLAR®, waterproof textile and leather trousers and jackets. EVOQE has the passion to understand the needs of riding and desire to excite the experience with comfortable, stylish and yet protective motorcycle clothing.


Every day jeans are suitable for short ride in city offering convenience and style with safety. These jeans are lined with soft non-abrasive original knitted KEVLAR® on all key impact areas like back, outside of thighs and knee area to offer optimum protection during riding.



We use Intelligent Stitching Technique for attaching KEVLAR® lining to the jeans in some of our Jeans designs. This ensures that KEVLAR® is attached not only securely with the inseams of jeans with double chain stitching but also attached to the cotton lining with double stitching. As a result jeans do not have any visible seams on the front side or on the knee or even on back side. These jeans are regular fitting which look and feel like fashionable jeans. Style and comfort are one of the few things that a rider savours, whether you commute for work or leisure, ride in casual style with comfort and ease. EVOQE Jeans are made to look just like normal fashionable jeans with KEVLAR® protection as standard.


Waterproof clothing are good for enjoying ride for relatively longer duration and provide enhanced protection at various key points. Stylish yet comfortable and with superior protection, these 100% waterproof clothing are one of the best in its class.


Protective motorcycle clothing is essential part of riding as it ensures safety irrespective of short and long journeys and provides protection from adverse weather. Our waterproof textile clothing provides optimum protection as well as convenience and style. One should inspire the best by wearing fashionable clothing which is protective yet stylish and comfortable. Riding in style counts a lot, that is why our clothing are designed to look impressive.


Impressive apparel for riding - Show off yourslf - EVOQE Fashion Clothing - Designed to look great.


DuPont TM and KEVLAR® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and are used with permission.

Kevlar Jeans & Trousers - Motorbike gear - Biker Jeans - Evoqe

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Kevlar Jeans & Trousers - Motorbike gear - Biker Jeans - Evoqe

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Kevlar Jeans & Trousers - Motorbike gear - Biker Jeans - Evoqe

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Kevlar Jeans & Trousers - Motorbike gear - Biker Jeans - Evoqe

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